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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a psychotherapy technique and tool that has helped a significant number of people heal and move past trauma and PTSD. The process of EMDR treatment addresses past, present, and future events and beliefs. While EMDR cannot change past events, it has helped others to significantly change how they think, feel, and respond to reminders of the past.

EMDR therapy is known to help people “get past the past.” Research and clients have touted symptom reduction. Truely, reducing symptoms of stress, trauma, or anxiety can be life changing. But EMDR treatment helps to reduce unwanted symptoms, and it can help change your beliefs about yourself, others, and the world.

Change the Way You Think With EMDR Therapy

One of the major benefits is that EMDR treatment may assist in transformation of beliefs. A healthy belief structure is significant in healthy living.

Humans are association-makers and sense-making beings. This means that childhood and past events and situations contribute to how we understand and perceive ourselves, relationships, and the world. We create deeply held belief systems from which we operate in our current lives based on these associations and sense-making. Unfortunately, negative experiences or messages from the past can contribute to unhealthy, inaccurate beliefs. You may recognize one of these negative beliefs, such as: “I am unlovable,” “I cannot trust myself or others,” or “I am permanently broken.”

EMDR therapy can assist in reducing the emotional charge that fuels these negative beliefs. Treatment also aids in reprocessing and formulation of more accurate, helpful, and healthy beliefs. The experience of living has been transformed for previous clients as they transform deeply held negative beliefs to more accurate beliefs, such as: “I am lovable,” to “I can trust myself,” or “I can heal.”

Can you imagine what choices might be different in your life if such a shift occurred? How might your moment existence shift with healthy, transformed beliefs that supported healthy living? Adoption and integration of these deeply held beliefs is one of the major benefits I have seen my clients gain through the process of EMDR treatment.

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