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For licensed professionals, consultation can increase your confidence and effectiveness in using EMDR. Professional consultation is for licensed and pre-licensed practitioners who want to finish Basic training, increase competence, or seek EMDRIA certification.

EMDRIA requires 20 consultation hours to become an EMDR Certified Therapist of which 10 must be individual consultation. As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, I can provide required consultation hours. I offer one-hour group consultation, with “closed” groups and “drop-in” groups forming regularly. I also offer individual consultation.

The Gold Standards of trauma treatment are Trauma Focused CBT and EMDR. I am certified in both TF-CBT and EMDR. I can support your professional growth as you work toward your goals. Please contact me for the latest information. I look forward to helping you meet your professional goals!

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Licensed Professionals

Professional consultation is for licensed professionals only.  As part of the standard practice and requirements to become competent, licensed professionals seek the help of other professionals to learn from.  Experts in various niches provide consultation to those professionals seeking to improve their skills or grow professional competence.  Consultation maintains client privacy and confidentiality. No client identifying information is ever shared in consultation.

What is EMDR?

How to Explain EMDR

While several theories of how EMDR works are available, are you able to communicate to clients what is EMDR, and how it works? Professional consultation can help separate research from practitioner opinion, and allow you the flexibility to develop an EMDR style that feels congruent with your own professional work.

The 8 Phases, 3 Prong Approach

EMDR is based on a 8 phase, 3 prong approach, using the AIP model.  Consultation can assist you in creating a great process for your clients to support effective healing.  Do you know when to use the standard model and when to modify? Do you overly rely on protocols and scripts, or are you able to meet clients where they are? Can you go with that? Consultation can support your professional competence.

AnnMarie Nelson, LMFT

AnnMarie Nelson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of California, and is an EMDRIA Certified EMDR therapist.  Her private practice specializes in EMDR and she is excited to share EMDR with other professionals seeking consultation.  She is currently a EMDR Consultant in Training and offers reasonable consultation options.  Please reach out to discuss how consultation can support your professional goals.

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