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Do you have unwanted, intrusive thoughts, memories, or feelings?
Do you avoid certain people, places, or activities due to past events, or overwhelming feelings?
Do past experiences keep you from completing your daily routine?
Do you feel jumpy, nervous, or anxious without knowing why?
Do you feel like life isn't real, or that you are watching yourself going through the motions of daily routines?
Do you experience rapid heartbeat, sweating, dizziness, fears, or panic feelings?
Have you experienced a scary life event, or have you been diagnosed with PTSD or anxiety?
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Experience the healing power of EMDR
Trauma & PTSD
Healing from trauma can end disturbing thoughts and feelings related to past events that contribute to feelings of sadness, distress, fear, and anger. Some trauma survivors feel stuck in the past, detached from others, or unable to move forward without help. Treatment can help free yourself from the grip of trauma.
Healing from a phobia can end or reduce overwhelming fears of an object, place, feeling, situation, or animal. A phobia is an uncontrollable, irrational fear. Common phobias include fears of everyday situations that may reduce life’s functioning or pleasure without help. Treatment can help you enjoy everyday situations.
Anxiety & Depression
Healing from anxiety and depression can end or reduce feeling trapped, physically impaired, overwhelmed, concentration difficulty, and relationship problems. While symptoms vary, it is not a choice to have anxiety or depression. Treatment can help give your life back and learn strategies to manage the future.
Stress & Grief
Healing from intense stress or a loss can help you navigate emotional experiences, change itself, external pressures, and gain a sense of control. Stress and loss can be experienced differently, including similarities with symptoms of trauma, anxiety, and depression. Treatment can help you manage life events and how you interpret and respond to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EMDR?

EMDR is one of the most well-researched mental health treatments, with hundreds of peer-reviewed studies conducted.

The research consistently demonstrates that EMDR is More effective, Faster-acting and Longer-lasting than other forms of treatment, including pills, drugs, talk therapy and holistic treatment:

* 7 in 10 studies of randomized controlled trials reported EMDR to be more rapid and more effective than trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
* Over 80% of PTSD patients suffering from single-incident trauma no longer had symptoms after only 3 EMDR sessions. Similarly, 77% of combat veterans were free of PTSD after just 12 sessions
* 50% of Depression patients treated with EMDR experienced full remission after just 4 to 12 sessions, compared to 25% of those who received other treatment

Today, EMDR is recommended and recognized by many international health authorities, including World Health Organization (WHO), US Veterans Affairs (VA), Dept of Defense, UK Dept of Health.

Why is EMDR Effective?

Unlike traditional treatments which address only the symptoms, EMDR direct attacks the root cause of your emotional pain, eliminating the problem at its source.

When traumatic events happen, your brain can’t process the memories normally. These unprocessed thoughts become associated with pain, anger, fear and emotional distress.

Unfortunately, as long as the emotional association is not broken, you will continue to experience the same distress over and over.

EMDR guides you step-by-step in accessing and processing these memories, breaking once and for all the chains of pain.

Start living the life you deserve
free from emotional pain

Why continue living in pain? Take back your life today.

What people
are saying

“I was terrified of having my blood drawn, avoiding needed medical care.  I was able to reduce my phobia with help from AnnMarie and EMDR.”

“My childhood trauma still happened, but it doesn’t rule me anymore.”

“I thought I would always have nightmares and bad thoughts forever. Now I don’t.”

“I was shaking so badly even being in my garage, I never thought I could drive again. Therapy helped so much.  I would recommend EMDR for anyone who was traumatized in a car accident.” 

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