Can The Quality of Your Relationships Improve?

  • Having the Same Arguments Over and Over
  • Not Knowing How To Talk About Certain Topics
  • Feeling Bored in Relationships
  • Feeling Taken Advantage Of and Unappreciated
  • Continuing to Date Unhealthy People
  • Distrusting People Around You
  • Not Enjoying Time Spent With Others
  • Desire To Make More Friends
  • Feeling Exhausted After Being Around Others
  • Feeling Lonely Most of The Time

Some people find themselves repeating relationship patterns multiple times with different people and continue to be dissatisfied, without understanding why or how to make relationships different. Other people are generally happy with relationships but may encounter a bump along the way from time to time. Some people have an extremely difficult time making friends and feel lonely most of the time, although they would like to experience better relationships.

Relationships can feel like a merry-go-round of pain and disappointment…

Every person deserves to have healthy relationships. Creating healthy relationships is no easy task. Many people did not experience loving homes, clear boundaries, age appropriate roles, respectful interactions, or trusting, nurturing care as children or in adult relationships. Patterns of behaviors and thoughts that kept a person safe in one situation, can contribute to destruction in a different relationship. Relationship patterns tend to repeat.

Fortunately, psychotherapy can assist in identification of areas of potential growth, and teach relationship skills to engage in healthy ways of interacting with others. Psychotherapy can also assist in healing relational trauma and focus on ways of building healthy attachment. Just because relationships have been disappointing in the past, does not mean that they are doomed to always fail. There is hope, relationship skills can be learned, and relational trauma can be treated.

Many people can improve their social skills and learn how to have more meaningful, connected friendships and connection. These social relationships have shown to improve health and contribute to a higher life satisfaction.

Let’s get together if you would like to improve your relationships.