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Why are you overweight?  What can you do about it?  Since diets don’t work, you may be feeling frustrated or left wondering, “Well what does work?  Magic?” What we do not see or understand is thought of as magic. Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are a kind of magic because they can happen automatically, without purposeful intention.  Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) explores these automatic occurrences and connections between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It delves into your core beliefs that direct your thinking, feeling, and actions.  Uncovering this magic and re-examining your core beliefs can assist in working toward your health goals. Great results can be achieved when your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are all in alignment with your desired outcomes.  

Therapy for weight loss may include psychotherapy to process past traumas that have contributed to poor self image, feelings of shame, and maladaptive ways of coping with excessive food.  Many people who experience overweight have negative self talk and undermining habits that contribute to the maintenance of being overweight. Other people may have become overweight as a way to protect themselves from bullies, violence, or sexual abuse.  You may, or may not, be aware of these reasons and losing weight may feel impossible. This is not “your fault” since at one time these ways of coping helped you get through a tough experience or a difficult time. However, now these automatic occurrences may be impeding you.  It may be time to get your magic to work for you (rather than against you) to achieve your health goals. What if your thoughts, feelings, and actions all supported your weight reduction goals? How successful could you be?

CBT therapy can include goal setting, habit evaluation, monitoring, tracking, behavior modification, and the creation of feedback loops to support your progress.  By identifying challenging times and places, developing strategies for success, and reinforcing positive progress, you can find and maintain motivation for healthy living that can last a lifetime.

Therapy for weight loss is not for everyone and a consultation is generally advisable.  CBT for weight reduction is not a medical program nor a nutrition program. It varies by client, but I generally encourage collaboration with your physician or medical weight loss team who provide medical and nutritional support.  CBT can be an adjunct for success in natural weight loss, surgical weight loss, or maintenance of healthy living. Adding the power of your magic to hard work can pay off in big loses!

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